Welcome to the new Diablo Valley Pagans Website!

Some people may have noticed that Diablo Valley Pagans has been a little quiet lately – part of the reason for that is we have been working on creating the new Diablo Valley Pagans website. The new website has a lot of features that we hope our community will find useful. Some of those features include:

  • Integrated Google Community Calendar
  • Places for Articles and other community news
  • Updated Community & Submission Guidelines
  • Facebook integration
If you are interested in joining the Diablo Valley Pagans team as a volunteer, coordinator, article contributor, etc… please review our Mission Statement and then visit our  contact page. If you’re interested in keeping abreast of current happenings, bookmark this page and head on over to the Diablo Valley Pagans Facebook Page. Moving forward, the majority of our communication will be through those two channels in the hopes of a streamlined communication system and greater transparency.

Diablo Valley Pagans Community Calendar

Welcome to our Community Calendar. To submit events, please read our Submission Guidelines and then Contact us.